About Fresh Coffee House

Fresh Coffee House is for everyone who likes some homemade coffee. Regardless of what method you may be using or what flavor of coffee suits you the most, we strive to make your experience on freshcoffeehouse.com a pleasant and informative one.

We want to share our coffee expertise with the world. From homemade coffee to working in coffee shops, to brewing a cup of joe in the woods on a camping trip we have years of hands-on experience making and tasting coffee. By sharing what we’ve learned along the way we hope to make your coffee experience better each time you visit our site.

Our group focuses on what to look for in coffee beans, and where to get them. Knowing the difference between different coffee machines, and how to use them correctly. Describing various coffee accessories, and who needs them most. We provide unbiased reviews of the content on our website.

Freshcoffeehouse.com is not here to convince you to choose one product over another. The purpose of this blog is to deliver valuable information to anyone looking for help discovering the coffee universe.

Our Values

Passion – We love coffee. It’s that simple. That’s why we created this blog and why we continue to share our passion with the world. Each time a cup is brewed we smile.

Quality – Sharing pointless information is not our style. Giving our readers something to think about and hold on to give us more pleasure than any like or social media share can ever do.

Sharing the World – Since day 1, we have love and respect for the world around us. Taking care of the home take takes care of us is always at the forefront of our minds.

Community – The coffee chain is vast and intricate. Let’s keep in mind everyone from the coffee bean farmer all the way to the worker who creates our coffee mug.

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