How Strong is Café Bustelo?

how strong is Café Bustelo

I always wondered how strong Café Bustelo really was, so I put together this quick answer for anyone else bugged with curiosity. One mug of this black gold gave my system such a kick I thought it needed some explaining.

Café Bustelo is really strong coffee. An average 8oz mug of Café Bustelo has 113mg of caffeine which is almost double compared to other instant coffee brands such as Nescafe(67mg) or Columbian Waka(70mg). The same serving of Folgers coffee only has 57mg of caffeine.

An 8oz can of Red Bull has 77.4mg of caffeine which is still significantly less than Café Bustelo. This Cuban coffee offers an authentic, rich flavor which is best described as a real smack in the face from the very first sip.

It’s even been referred to as the poor-mans specialty coffee because of its quality. Anyone looking for a strong coffee should try this bold brew immediately. From the very first sip, the jolt of energy gets me world-ready every morning.

Is Café Bustelo Instant Coffee or Espresso?

Café Bustelo is not espresso. You don’t need a fancy press machine or any other gadgets to brew Café Bustelo because it’s instant coffee. All you need is hot water and your favorite mug to brew a cup of this brown gold. Personally, I suggest brewing the coffee using a Moka pot because it amplifies the true bold flavor of the coffee.

Café Bustelo Espresso coffee is often confused with espresso. Either from the name on the packaging or from the unique strength of the coffee. It’s completely understandable that putting the word espresso on the label can cause some misunderstandings.

I also think the strength of the coffee has something to do with the mix-up. Ask anyone who has tried it in the past and they’ll tell you, it comes with a serious kick. I’m not exaggerating when I say, first-time buyers should be aware of what they are getting into.

If you’re not used to strong coffee, do yourself a favor and have your first cup around lunchtime. You may be staying up all night if you have Café Bustelo a little later in the evening.

Preparing Café Bustelo

Since Café Bustelo is instant coffee, boil up some water, pour the coffee and water into your favorite mug, let it sit for half a minute, and enjoy! It’s great to know you can make a strong coffee, from the box to your lips, in a matter of seconds. It’s a real joy for people with busy mornings.

Making this particular coffee brand in a Moka pot brings out its full flavor. Follow these simple instructions for perfect coffee each and every time.

Start by boiling water, preferably fresh, filtered water. You don’t have to boil it completely. I prefer to use water just before the boiling point to prevent scorching my coffee.

Since Café Bustelo comes pre-ground, leave the grinders in the cupboard. Just pop the can open and take a second to enjoy that heavenly aroma.

Add the hot water to the bottom part of the Moka pot, fill it up to the marked line or safety valve.

cafe bustelo

Scoop enough coffee into the filter to cover it completely. Don’t be shy on the coffee, the filter should be more than half full. Level the coffee using your finger or a spoon.

Place the filter onto the base bottom.

Screw the top part of the Moka pot onto the bottom using a towel.

Set the Moka pot on a stovetop and turn the burner to medium-high, leave the lid up and open.

cafe bustelo

Once the coffee starts to gurgle, close the lid and remove it off the stove. The gurgle means the pot is out of water.

Run the Moka pot under cold tap water for 10 seconds. Viola, you are ready to enjoy your coffee.

cafe bustelo


Café Bustelo has specialty coffee strength and flavor at the price of regular black mud.

It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys rich black coffee. I also recommend it for anyone who’s outgrown their daily coffee routine and is ready to take their caffeine tolerance to the next level.

New coffee enthusiasts should try Café Bustelo to get an idea of how strong it is. Although, I wouldn’t make it a daily routine right away.

I believe you’d get used to how fast the coffee hits, but it’s just not a beginner’s drink at all. Café Bustelo is stronger than any of the sweet, fruity stuff we get from coffee shops. It’s got a bigger punch than virtually every other instant coffee I’ve ever tried. If you find one, please let me know.

I do recommend you try Café Bustelo next time you have a chance. Just remember your first time shouldn’t be in the evening unless you’re planning on staying up all night.

Related Questions

What Type of Coffee Is Cafe Bustelo?

Café Bustelo is a Cuban coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. It’s a really strong instant coffee often confused for espresso because of its full name: Dark Roast Café Bustelo Espresso coffee.

Does Café Bustelo Make Anything Other than Instant Coffee?

Café Bustelo official website now offers the original ground instant coffee in plastic, tin can, and brick packaging. They also created new K-Cups and espresso capsules as more people are using coffee pod machines than ever before. Also, the company entered the summer drink market with its new iced espresso canned coffee.

Is Café Bustelo Sold in Coffee Shops?

Since the company doesn’t sell beans, only prepackaged coffee, it can’t be ordered in a coffee shop or a street cart. The coffee can be bought from any major food chain or online from Amazon, Walmart, or the Café Bustelo official website.

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