Top 5 Best Coffee Containers

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Best Coffee Containers

The key to keeping your coffee fresh for longer is knowing how to store it. Some people keep it in the freezer, some like to keep the coffee in a cupboard, others just keep the coffee in the bag it came in.

If you want your coffee beans to stay fresh, consider storing them in an airtight coffee container. Fresh beans will always result in a better cup of joe.

FriisFriis Easy to operate.
Pushes CO2 out.
1 year’s supply of fresh valves included.
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AirscapeAirscapeKeeps air out of the container.
Color variety.
Stainless steel finish.
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Progressive InternationalProgressive InternationalConvenient lid.
Cool design.
Holds over 1 pound of coffee.
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Simple lid.
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OXOOXOLid/Easy Access.
Tint blocks out light.
Easy to stack with other containers.
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Friis Coffee Vault

This highly rated coffee container is named Vault for a reason. Its airtight seal keeps your beans fresh.

Its sleek design is just what some are looking for in terms of decorating their kitchen with stylish items.


  • Easy to operate
  • Pushes CO2 out
  • 1 year’s supply of fresh valves included


  • Possible rusting
  • Fresh valves need to be replaced 3-4 months apart

Planetary Designs Airscape Coffee Canister

With a new approach to keeping air out of the container, Airspace created a coffee storage unit that pushes air out of the container instead of stopping it from getting in. The lid slides further and further down the container as your coffee supply is depleting. Forcing the air out and keeping your beans fresh.


  • Keeps air out of the container
  • Color variety
  • Stainless steel finish


  • Bulky
  • No date gage

ProKeeper Container

This coffee container takes a different approach to keeping your coffee fresh. Instead of using latches or pressure, this coffee storage container features a silicone seal for air-tight storage. Having such a tight lid definitely keeps the air out of the container.

Practically doing all the things a coffee canister needs to do, blocking out light, oxygen, and moisture, ProKeeper has all the qualities you could ask for in a coffee canister.


  • Convenient lid
  • Cool design
  • Holds over 1 pound of coffee


  • Might trap air inside
  • Large and bulky
  • It may be hard to scoop coffee up from the bottom edges

Coffmax Airtight Container

With an hourglass shape, the Coffmax is friendly to the eye. With its sleek design, it adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

It is unique in the way the lid comes on and off the container without a latch or a twist. Just pull off to open and push back on to close.


  • Sleek
  • Lid
  • Scoop


  • Small
  • One color

OXO Grips Coffee POP Container

With a completely different approach to coffee storage, OXO offers a larger volume for a lower price. The pushdown pop button on the top of the container is used for applying an airtight seal. The button also works as a handle to open the lid when accessing the coffee again.

The easy to store container has a slight tint to block out light.


  • Lid/Easy Access
  • Tint blocks out light
  • Easy to stack with other containers


  • Larger than other containers
  • Not stylish

Coffee Containers

The main purpose of all coffee containers is to keep your beans fresh for as long as possible. Don’t get distracted by the bells and whistles and choose one with the right size and feel for your kitchen.

Why You Need A Coffee Container?

As soon as you open the bag of coffee you break the seal, and the beans start to lose their freshness and quality. Coffee is a daily routine for most people, so just like your favorite dinner or even your favorite pair of shoes, it deserves a little extra attention. A coffee container guarantees to keep your coffee fresh.

Things to Know About Coffee Beans

Coffee loses quality when exposed to air, heat, moisture, and light

Oxygen causes coffee to go stale, hence the airtight seals on the containers.

Heat- even though coffee is brewed in hot water, exposing beans to heat makes them lose their flavor. You want to store your coffee beans in a cool cabinet or a wine cellar.

Moisture- Nothing with ruin your coffee means like moisture. When kept in the fridge, coffee beans can release their oil prematurely, effectively ruing your beans.

Light – Direct sunlight can cause the beans to oxidize faster. This damages the beans permanently.

The best bet to keep your coffee away from these four elements.

Should I Keep Coffee Beans In the Freezer?

Even though keeping your beans in a freezer keeps them away from their 4 enemies it does have some negative effects on your coffee beans as well. Here are some reasons why you should find a different location for your coffee canister besides your freezer.

  • Coffee beans should be brewed at room temperature
  • Temperature changes can cause condensation
  • Contact with other food in the freezer

A freezer is a good place for the long-term storage of coffee beans. Once they come out of the freezer, they shouldn’t go back in. For fresh, quality coffee you want to keep the coffee in an air-sealed container in a dark cabinet at room temperature.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Coffee

Sometimes you see valves on coffee bags. These are one-way valves for the release of carbon dioxide. Freshly roasted coffee beans release CO2 after roasting and continue to do so for weeks afterward. It is important to release the CO2 from the bag regularly so the packaging doesn’t pop from the pressure of the gas.  If the bags didn’t have the valve they could explode.

Some coffee containers will have a CO2 release valve for individuals who roast their own coffee. Most people won’t have this issue.

Final Thoughts

A coffee canister is an inexpensive way of keeping your coffee beans fresh for longer. When buying a canister, you will probably think about its design and color, which is fine, your canister should match your kitchen style but consider the following to be the most important when choosing a box for your coffee:

  • Air seal quality
  • Type of lid(open/close)
  • Size
  • Opaque (to keep light out)
  • Storage friendly
  • Valve for CO2 release

Even though it can be sleek and catchy to the eye, your coffee canister won’t be the talk of your coffee arsenal. The only thing you should be focused on is if it keeps your coffee beans fresh. If you follow the guidelines set out for you here, you should have no problem with keeping your coffee beans fresh for longer.

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