The Best Coffee Beans Ideal for a Pour-Over

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The reason for brewing coffee with a pour-over is simple to understand, even if the technique isn’t as beginner-friendly. Whether you are new to the coffee community or have been a coffee enthusiast for a long time you can agree there is something special about brewing coffee exactly to your liking each and every time.

A pour-over gives the owner control over all the variables in making a perfect cup of coffee. The coffee grind size, the temperature of the water, the use or absence of a paper filter, even the extraction duration.

Just like most manual coffee makers, a pour-over can be a little tricky in the beginning but as you get used to the variables involved you will start to fine-tune each brew into your ideal cup of joe.

I’ve tried a number of different coffee beans in a pour-over and this one stood out the most. Scroll further down to see my list of the best coffee beans for a pour-over.

The Best Coffee Beans for a Pour-Over:

Verena Street: Nine Mile Sunset Dark Roast

  • Beans sourced from small coffee farmers
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Flavor Notes: Complex with a rich but appealing roast character
  • Kosher certified

If you’re ready to try the coffee, but you’re unsure if you’re using the pour-over correctly, take a look at this step-by-step guide. It’s a simple way to make perfect pour-over coffee every time.

Here is a list of coffee beans you need to try in your pour-over. The reason these specific beans are suggested for the manual method and not a simple drip coffee maker is because of the full flavor they offer.

The Best Coffee Beans for a Pour-Over

NameRoastFlavor Notes
Verena Street: Nine Mile SunsetDark RoastComplex with a rich but appealing roast characterCheck Price
Don Francisco's 100% Colombia Supremo, Medium Roast
Don Francisco's: 100% Colombia SupremoMedium RoastWineyCheck Price
Peet's Coffee Organic French Roast
Peet's Coffee: Organic French RoastDark RoastCoffee-forward, smoky, bittersweet, hints of caramelCheck Price
Kauai Whole Bean Coffee, Koloa Estate Dark Roast
Kauai: Koloa EstateDark RoastLightly floral and fruityCheck Price
Cameron's Coffee Roasted Whole Bean Coffee, Organic Breakfast Blend
Cameron's Coffee: Breakfast BlendLight RoastFruityCheck Price
Koffee Kult Limited - Kenya AAA Medium Roast
Koffee Kult Limited: KenyaMedium RoastGreen apple, lime, a hint of pineappleCheck Price
Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hundred Mile
Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Hundred Mile Medium RoastJam, toffee, vanilla, cocoa powderCheck Price
Kicking Horse Coffee, 454 Horse Power
Kicking Horse: 454 Horse PowerDark RoastDark chocolate, cacao nibs, brown sugar, and roasted hazelnutsCheck Price
Don Pablo Signature Blend - Medium-Dark Roast
Don Pablo: Signature BlendMedium-Dark RoastCocoa-tonedCheck Price
Lavazza Espresso Italiano
Lavazza: Espresso ItalianoMedium RoastFruits and flowersCheck Price

Verena Street: Nine Mile Sunset Dark Roast

  • Beans sourced from small coffee farmers
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Flavor Notes: Complex with a rich but appealing roast character
  • Kosher certified

I don’t want to oversell it but this could be the best coffee I’ve ever tried. Obviously, you need to have a cup from a pour-over and judge for yourself, but the unique flavor profile, bright and delicate taste, and delightful body make this one of the best pour-over coffee beans.

One of the reasons why this coffee is such a success is because of the manual work the farmers and roasters put into bringing this product to life. Independent, family-run businesses just tend to give their coffee that little extra something, don’t they?

This Nine Mile Sunset Dark Roast is absolutely perfect for a morning wake-up-call or an afternoon pick-me-up, and even better when brewed manually with a pour-over or a French press.

Don Francisco’s: 100% Colombia Supremo Medium Roast

  • Beans sourced from Colombia
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Flavor Notes: Winey
  • Committed to a greener coffee footprint

I enjoy spreading good insights about fantastic coffee beans especially when the company providing them is very passionate about their craftsmanship. Don Francisco’s coffee is second to none in quality, flavor, aroma, you name it.

I wish you try these beans in a pour-over the very next time you brew a cup and enjoy the sweet floral aroma and the vivid winey notes of the java. If you are looking for the best coffee beans to try in a pour-over, look no further, these will do perfectly.

There’s something special about Colombian coffee beans, isn’t there? The roasters behind the Colombia Supremo knew what people wanted, and the medium rost delivered 100%.

Peet’s Coffee: Organic French Roast

  • Beans sourced from Guatemala and Colombia
  • 100% Arabica
  • Flavor Notes: Coffee-forward, smoky, bittersweet, hints of caramel
  • Certified organic, certified kosher

These coffee roasters hit it out of the park with this batch. I can’t say enough good things about the smooth taste of the coffee, low acidity, and pleasant aroma.

This company is committed to its farmers, high-quality beans, and fresh products and it really shows in the brew. From the first sip of the coffee, you can taste the dedication of the staff that makes this wonderful java possible.

When you prepare these hand-roasted beans in a pour-over you bring out all their best qualities.  They are smoky, bittersweet, with hints of caramel, perfect for anyone who enjoys bold coffee flavors.

Kauai Coffee: Koloa Estate Medium Roast

  • Beans sourced from Hawaii
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Flavor Notes: Lightly floral and fruity
  • Environmentally sound

Try this Hawaiian coffee and bring a taste of paradise into your home. The warm Pacific sun, rich volcanic earth, and abundant mountain rain make these some of the best coffee beans you’ll ever try in a pour-over or any coffee maker for that matter.

What makes their coffee different is that it’s grown in much lower altitudes than most Central, South American, or African coffee.  As you would expect this brew is filled with vid aroma of nutty notes and sweet chocolate overtones.

Another thing I really like about Kauai Coffee is its commitment to its farming practices. They truly care for their land, plants, and products which is clear to see or taste from their cup of java.

Cameron’s: Breakfast Blend Light Roast

  • Beans sourced from Central and South America
  • 100% Special grade Arabica coffee beans
  • Flavor Notes: Fruity
  • Organic, gluten-free

This organic, gluten-free, expertly roasted batch of coffee beans is made from only the top 10% of the beans on the planet. A true delight for any coffee lover. Camerons is making second-to-none coffee and they are doing it while keeping an eye on the environment and their community at the same time.

As many coffee roasters do, these guys are dedicated to making your coffee experience something special as they focus on producing smooth and flavorful beans. What makes them different is the way they go about it. Their coffee beans from Central and South American are sustainable, hand-crafted, and small-batch roasted to make the most flavorful coffee possible. Without a doubt, this is a must-try coffee bean in a pour-over coffee maker.

Koffee Kult: Kenya Medium Roast

  • Beans sourced from Kenya
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Flavor Notes: Green apple, lime, a hint of pineapple
  • Medium body, medium acidity

Here is a real dark roast you need to try in a manual coffee maker to get a better understanding of the difference between medium and dark roast flavor profiles.

Starting out in Hollywood, Florida, Koffee Kult has grown into one of the biggest players on the North American coffee scene because of the quality of their beans. This coffee would be enjoyed by anyone who wants their brew to be medium-bodied, have a natural amount of acidity, and an aroma that brightens the soul.

What makes these coffee beans special are their unique smoothness and delicate aftertaste. Kenyan coffee is a must-try for every coffee enthusiast novice and expert alike.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Hundred Mile Medium Roast

  • Coffee beans sourced from Africa, Central, and South American
  • 100% gourmet Arabica coffee beans
  • Flavor Notes: Jam, toffee, vanilla, cocoa powder

Stumptown Coffee Roasters continues to impress the coffee community with its premium-grade coffee beans. In return, the community continues to support these environmentally conscious and resourceful innovators.

The coffee they make is truly delicious and needs to be tried in a pour-over or French press to be fully appreciated. The Hundred Mile roast can be described as uniquely flavored with hints of jam and toffee but also filled with notes of vanilla and cocoa powder.

The company was established in Portland, so I wonder if that’s what Stumptown is referring to with its name. Maybe one day ill find out. Until then, I’m going to keep enjoying one of the best pour-over coffee beans every time I can.

Kicking Horse: 454 Horse Power Dark Roast

  • Beans sourced from Indonesia, Central, and South America
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Flavor Notes: Dark chocolate, cacao, brown sugar, and roasted hazelnuts
  • Certified organic, fairtrade, kosher

Kicking Horse makes exceptional quality organic, shade-grown Arabica, Canadian Rocky Mountain-roasted coffee worth noticing by avid coffee lovers and casual coffee drinkers.

If you’re anything like me you’ll enjoy the chocolaty aroma of the coffee while it brews in your pour-over. I was delighted by the rich flavors of brown sugar and roasted hazelnuts as I gulped down my cup.

This coffee needs to be on your list of must-try beans simply because it’s all-organic roasted right in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. As Canadas number 1 selling whole bean coffee company they offer top-notch quality coupled with unrivaled service.

Don Pablo: Signature Blend Medium-Dark Roast

  • Beans sourced from Colombia, Guatemala, and Brazil
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Flavor Notes: Cocoa-toned
  • GMO-free, low acidity

Don Pablo is a staple in the coffee community and you might have tried this coffee in a drip machine but need to give it a shot in a pour-over as well. The full body of this medium-dark roast comes to life when brewed with time and precision. You can expect the coffee to be bold, smooth, and have a pleasant aftertaste.

The reason coffee enthusiasts like to go back to Don Pablo as a safe-base is because of the consistency of their coffee, you just know what to expect from each brew. This fantastic batch sourced from Colombia, Guatemala, and Brazil is ideal for any daily or occasional coffee drinker.

What makes these beans unique is the companies commitment to quality and freshness. They roast the beans in small batches and spend a lot of time making sure their product is fresh, delicious, and noteworthy each and every time.

Lavazza: Espresso Italiano Medium Roast

  • Beans sourced from Central and South America
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Flavor Notes: Fruits and flowers
  • Non-GMO

Take notice of these Italian coffee giants. If you haven’t tried Lavazza coffee beans before, give them a chance in your pour-over and you won’t regret it. This coffee is everything a java jockey needs from a cup of joe. The beans are rich, bold, and flavorful. The aroma is heavenly and the experience is bliss.

What I specifically enjoyed about this coffee is its balanced flavor. The tones of fruits and flowers stick around but also didn’t fade away too quickly. Even though this is an espresso dark roast it works perfectly with a pour-over.

Every coffee lover should try this batch in a pour-over at least once to see what all the noise is about. For those reasons, Lavazza Espresso Intalio is on my list of best pour-over coffee beans.


A pour-over gives the owner total control over the finished brew. If used successfully, the coffee can be fine-tuned to your liking each and every time. Expect your coffee to be bright, flavorful, and smooth. Truly perfect for people who enjoy the real taste of coffee beans.

All the examples I went over in this article are exceptional in a pour-over as well as any other manual brewing method. I suggest starting out with the Verebda Street Nine Mile Sunset Dark Roast as it stood out the most.

To get the best results from your pour-over buy whole beans instead of the pre-ground packaged products. Grinding the beans yourself before each brew makes all the difference.

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From the first time you hold the heat-resistant glass in your hands, you can feel the quality of the design. The coffee you get with this gem is sublime. It’s rich, flavorful, and pronounced. Exactly what you would expect from a pour-over.

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What Is the Best Grind Size for Pour-Over Coffee?

Real coffee lovers who enjoy the brewing process of a pour-over use a medium-fine grind. Here is a grind size guide you can follow.

A couple of things to know about the grind size of a pour-over coffee maker; the grind size will affect the coffee flavor as well as how long it takes for you to get your cup ready.

When using a cone-shaped brewing pot being with a medium-fine grind and see how the coffee tastes. If the coffee you’re making is too bitter work with a coarser grind but if you’re finding it too sour, grind the coffee a bit finer.

What’s So Different Between Coffee Made in a Pour-Over and a French Press?

Coffee made in a pour-over will be smoother and less bitter than the same batch brewed in a French press.

That’s because of the paper filter used in the pour-over method. It stops some of the natural coffee oils and elements from reaching your brew.

I have a whole article dedicated to the subject if you’re interested in learning more.

Can You Use Espresso Beans for Pour-Over Coffee?

Yes, you can be confident that your espresso coffee beans will work fine with a pour-over. Technically, you can use any coffee bean with any brewing method and experiment with the outcomes. Espresso coffee beans brewed in a pour-over tend to have chocolate and smoky flavor notes.

Must-Try Espresso Coffee Beans
Vivace 82
Pellini No. 82 Vivace
Italian Quality

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