Can You Drink Decaf Coffee at Night?

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I used to indulge in evening coffee, especially after dinner, even if it cost me a few hours of sleep. Recently, I decided to switch to decaf to cut down on all that caffeine. I began to wonder if it’s ok to drink decaf coffee at night or in the evening since it had so little caffeine. Seemingly, I wasn’t losing any sleep since I started drinking decaf, but I wanted to do some research to find out more.

Yes, you can drink decaf coffee at night without the risk of losing sleep or altering your body clock. Even though the flavor of decaf may resemble the authentic taste of a cup of coffee, it has nearly no effect as a stimulant since the decaffeination process removes 97-99% of the caffeine.

While a standard 8 oz cup of coffee contains anywhere from 60mg to 280mg of caffeine, one cup of decaffeinated coffee will contain as little as just 5mg.

Decaf doesn’t boost alertness, act as a pick-me-up, or give you energy. Which makes it an ideal evening or nighttime dessert drink, especially if you love the coffee as much as I do.

People will always argue that decaf doesn’t taste nearly as good as the real thing, which is mostly true, but coffee suppliers have been perfecting their decaf flavor for decades and are getting close.

Benefits of Drinking Decaf at Night

Besides giving coffee enthusiasts a fix there are a few reasons why you can and maybe should drink decaf coffee at night.

Contains Antioxidants

As much as it is established that the decaf contains a negligible amount of the caffeine, it also contains a very reasonable amount of antioxidant in it.

Yes, it is true that decaffeinated coffees are one of the biggest sources of antioxidants which help you to rejuvenate your body and eliminate all the stress.

Consuming this at nighttime can actually help you to feel much more relaxed.

Lowers Anxiety

If you are having coffee and it is causing anxiety and insomnia during your bedtime, it is important to switch to decaf coffee. Decaf coffee can help you in lowering your anxiety to a great extent.

Anxiety can wreak havoc on your sleep pattern causing disturbances and restlessness. But decaf can lower your stress and anxiety level which can help you to fall asleep faster.

Soothing for Mind and Body

If coffee is your pleasure drink, you will understand that how it can soothe your body down. But standard coffees contain caffeine which can disturb the sleeping pattern.

Switching to decaf coffee is better as it can help you in soothing your mind and body without messing up with your body clock.

Hence, you can fall asleep at your normal time even if you have a cup of decaf at night.

Low Acidity

Regular or standard coffees are quite acidic in nature and consumption of it at night can cause issues like heartburn and discomfort. But decaf coffee is a lot less acidic in nature in comparison to regular coffee.

Hence, for those who suffer from acidity, gastro-esophageal refluxes, and heartburn, decaf coffee at night is better. It will neither cause heartburn or other problems nor will it disrupt the sleeping pattern.

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Can You Drink Decaf Coffee Before Bed?

Though it is proved that having decaf coffee at night is completely possible and will not disrupt your sleeping pattern, there are certain things you need to know.

Many people ask whether or not it is okay to consume decaf coffee before bed.

As someone who drinks a lot of coffee, both regular and decaf, I say it is better to avoid decaf coffees too during bedtime. But it depends on different factors like the number of cups of coffee you have consumed, your age, and the percentage of caffeine in your decaf.

Even considering all the factors, make sure to keep these two things in mind:

  • Whether it is caffeinated or decaffeinated, it stays in your bloodstream for about 2 to 3 hours. So, it is better to consume decaf coffee at least 3 to 4 hours before going to bed.
  • One cup of decaf will contain about 5 mg of caffeine. So, limit your decaf coffee consumption to only one cup during the evening or night.

Can Decaf Coffee Keep You Awake?

A common question around decaf is, can it keep you awake?

The straight answer to this question is – no! Decaf means decaffeinated and decaffeinated coffees cannot keep you awake.

So, if you consume decaf coffee in the morning to make you feel less drowsy or help you stay awake at night, then it will not help.

But too much decaf coffee throughout the day can slightly affect your sleep. As mentioned above, decaffeinated coffee doesn’t mean caffeine-free. It simply means the quantity of caffeine is incredibly low.

Is Decaf Coffee a Stimulant?

Regular coffee is considered to have some stimulant effects. The effects are possible due to the caffeine content. Caffeine is the main powerful stimulant that is naturally found in coffee. It is infused in the coffee to provide energy.

Since decaf coffees contain 1-3% of the caffeine found in regular coffee it’s not considered a stimulant. As mentioned before, decaf doesn’t boost alertness, act as a pick-me-up, or give you energy.


I hope that made it clear, once and for all, that it is ok to drink decaf coffee at nighttime without worry. 

If you enjoy coffee in the evenings but can’t afford to lose sleep, try decaf for a change. You will find it to be as soothing and flavorful as a regular cup of joe but without the unwanted stimulants.

Instead of boosting your alertness, energy, and focus, decaf coffee will help you relax and unwind.

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