Is Espresso Less Acidic Than Coffee?

Is Espresso Less Acidic than Coffee 2

On average, espresso is less acidic than regular coffee as espresso is usually brewed from dark roast coffee beans. The longer coffee beans are roasted, the less acidic they become. Since most coffee is made from a medium roast, espresso has less acidity.

The ph level of coffee is around 4.89 while the ph level of the espresso is between 5.5 to 6. With that said, espresso is less acidic than medium and light roast coffee.

Acidity contributes to a coffee drink’s unique flavors. It’s one of the factors that determine whether a coffee tastes bland, mellow, or strong. With that said, a drink that doesn’t contain even the slightest amount of acidity isn’t coffee at all.

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Is Espresso Acidic?

Yes, espresso is a low acid coffee. It’s the preferable drink for coffee lovers who don’t want to trigger existing health conditions by such as acid reflux, gastric ulcer, and IBS

Roasting disintegrates the acidic compounds that the coffee beans have. Coffee beans for espresso are roasted for a long time. That’s why their acid levels are relatively lower.

However, it doesn’t mean that espresso is low acid all of the time. It can become highly acidic in specific situations. The mini-section below discusses this point in detail.

Can Espresso Become Acidic?

You may get highly acidic espresso in the market. This is because roasting isn’t the only factor that affects the acid content. The brewing technique and the variety of coffee beans used to make espresso are also culprits.

Some variety of coffee beans are acidic regardless if they’re roasted quite some time. Causing these are the conditions of the farm where the coffee beans were sourced and the processing method of the manufacturer.

For example, Kenyan coffee beans for espresso are high in malic acid, which can cause tooth decay and gastric distress.

Another is SL-28 espresso coffee beans – a variety of Arabica coffee. Though arabica coffee is commonly low in acid, the SL-28 is highly acidic and has a signature complex citrusy flavor.

Halfhearted brewing can make espresso acidic no matter the coffee beans have low acid content. If the coffee beans aren’t allowed to soak enough water, only the acids are extracted and other compounds like caffeine and oils are left behind.

Quit the practice of adding sugar or any other sweetener to the espresso. Not only does this practice destroy flavor but also spike the espresso’s acid content. Sweeteners like sugar, honey, maple syrup contain acidic compounds such as glyceric acid, xylonic acid, and malic acid.

To sum up, espresso can be acidic when:

  • you make espresso from coffee beans with inherent high acid content
  • add sweeteners to espresso
  • brew coffee beans for espresso too quickly

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Is Espresso Less Acidic Than Cold Brew Coffee?

Another stomach-friendly option for coffee lovers is cold brew coffee. This coffee has lower acid levels than normal coffee regardless of the type of roast that the brewer used.

Turns out that espresso and cold brew coffee are low acids. Cold brew coffee isn’t very acidic due to the use of cold water to make it. The usage of cold water prevents the coffee beans from releasing excess acidic compounds as the brewing process goes on.

Cold Brew Coffee Vs Espresso: Which Is Better?

In terms of brewing, the cold brew coffee wins over espresso. Making good espresso takes months to learn. On the other hand, making quality cold brew coffee doesn’t require mastery.

All that you have to do to make cold brew coffee is brew coffee beans with cold water for 24 hours using a drip tower or a coffee bag and a jar.

If you want to know more about making cold brew coffee, take a look at our guide!

The espresso wins in terms of taste if you want a strong-tasting drink. On the other hand, the cold brew coffee wins if you want a deliciously mild drink.

In terms of classiness, espresso has more appeal than cold brew coffee. If you’re a die-hard coffee fanatic, you might think of the cold brew as a kid’s drink due to the way that’s it brewed and served. Some think that cold brew coffee isn’t really a coffee since it’s not that aromatic or bitter and is usually mixed with cream, milk, honey, and other sweeteners.

Is Espresso Better Than Normal Coffee?

If we talk about quantity, it’s undeniable that espresso isn’t better than traditional coffee. A cup of espresso only provides you with two or three sips. On the other hand, a cup of traditional coffee will leave you sipping for a few minutes.

However, normal coffee can’t compare to espresso in terms of aroma, bitterness, and natural sweetness. Espresso graces your mouth with authentic flavors whereas normal coffee can sometimes taste bland and need additional flavorings to be enjoyed.

Parting Takeaway

Espresso is a type of coffee that’s low acid and very friendly for sensitive guts. Apart from this, it might also be the healthiest since it contains the highest concentration of natural compounds that coffee beans contain.

So, don’t worry if you drink four to five shots of espresso every day. Unlike normal coffee, drinking a lot of espressos won’t trigger acid reflux, ulcer, and other health complications that acid triggers.

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