Starbucks Drinks for Men: Coffee and Tea for Guys

Don’t be shy to order your favorite drink at Starbucks. I’ve seen the most rugged men order funny-sounding drinks with whipped cream and sprinkles. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, then go for it.

Although, it’s completely reasonable to want to avoid fruity, saucy, and sweet drinks when playing it cool or trying to impress a woman. At least most men will agree.

So, I put together this list of Starbucks drinks for men to show you what drinks most guys are comfortable ordering.

After speaking with our online coffee community, I was able to come up with a list of coffee and tea drinks men enjoy.

Also, if you’re a lady picking a drink for a guy, shoot for one of the top options I’m about to go over.

Starbucks Drinks for Men: Manly Drinks for Starbucks Customers

Here are all the manliest drinks you can get from Starbucks. I surveyed my coffee community for months to figure out what people think should be on the list.

  • Espresso
  • Espresso Macchiato
  • Black Coffee
  • Caffè Americano
  • Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
  • Iced Coffee
  • Irish Cream Cold Brew
  • Royal English Breakfast Tea
  • Iced Black Tea
  • Water
Starbucks Drinks for Men

Starbucks Drinks for Men

1. Espresso

Espresso was the most popular answer when asked what the manliest drink available at Starbucks is.

It’s a small, potent dose of caffeine that can be finished in a matter of seconds. Ideal for a guy who wants a jolt of caffeine but doesn’t have time to sip on a full cup of coffee.

There are two types of espresso you can get from Starbucks.

Traditional espresso is smooth and has a slight caramel flavor.

Blonde espresso is a newer addition to the menu. It has a tad more caffeine and a bit of a citrusy aftertaste.

It’s good to know that Starbucks offers espresso in 4 sizes, single, doppio, triple, and quad. Doppio is the traditional name for a double shot of espresso that Starbucks uses. If you say a double espresso at Starbucks, they will know what you mean.

2. Espresso Macchiato

Ideal for the guy who can’t stand black coffee and would like something a little easier to get down.

Espresso Macchiato is two shots of espresso sweetened with steamed milk.

A simple twist on the traditional espresso makes it a lot more enjoyable for any man who isn’t into pure coffee flavors.

3. Black Coffee

Some men will argue that it’s the only way a man should drink coffee. Others have said it’s the way coffee was meant to be enjoyed. I leave that up to you.

Truth is, men and women all over the world prefer their coffee black without any sweeteners, additives, or flavors.

Obviously, Starbucks has more than one option when it comes to “black coffee”.

You can order their traditional Pike Place black coffee.

Dark Roast black coffee, which tends to have slightly less caffeine and a deeper, chalkier flavor.

There’s also Blonde Roast black coffee which packs a little more punch than the other two.

4. Caffè Americano

A tall Caffè Americano has shots of espresso mixed with hot water. That’s it. Simple and delicious.

It’s a European version of black coffee. Expect it to have a smoother flavor than brewed black coffee with a little more caffeine.

If espresso isn’t your thing just add a splash of milk and a little sugar to ease favor.

Starbucks also offers an iced version of the drink year-round.

5. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Cold coffee for men. It’s like iced coffee but without syrups and mixed flavors.

This easy-to-order cold drink is perfect for any guy who wants something smooth and soothing on a hot summer day but doesn’t want to carry around an iced cappuccino.

The best part about the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, no straw.

6. Iced Coffee

Still a manly drink. If you need a caffeinated pick me up on a hot day, there’s nothing wrong with an Iced Coffee.

Basically black coffee served over ice. Nothing fancy about this one.

If you find it a little bitter, ask for an Iced Coffee with Milk to dull the flavor.

7. Irish Cream Cold Brew

You won’t get your men card revoked for ordering Irish Cream Cold Brew Coffee.

In essence it’s just cold brewed coffee served over ice with sweet cream. It’s a little thicker than most iced coffee because of the sweet ingredients but it always passes as a manly drink. Mainly because of the name.

If you want something sweet and cold, try one and you’ll know why it’s so popular.

8. Royal English Breakfast Tea

If you need a break from caffeine but still need to grab a drink from Starbucks, go for a Royal English Breakfast Tea.

It’s also a good choice for anyone with a sore throat or a guy feeling a little sick.

It’s strong tea, but a little healthier for you than coffee. No need for milk or sugar in this one, the taste of tea should be a lot more bearable than black coffee, for most at least.

9. Iced Black Tea

That’s a manly decision. You could have chosen peach, chai, matcha, or passion iced teas but instead you picked the basic Iced Black Tea.

If that’s not a manly choice, I don’t know what is.

Again, tea isn’t the manliest of drinks, but if you must avoid coffee stick with black tea.

You may be surprised at how good this drink really is.

10. Water

Yep, that’s on the list.

As many men would say, the only dink a man need is water. If you really don’t know what to order from Starbucks and coffee and tea are not your thing reach for a glass of water.

If you’re interested here are all the water drinks you can order from Starbucks.


That’s a comprehensive list of Starbucks drinks for men.

Remember, there is nothing manlier than a guy whos comfortable with ordering even the fruitiest, sweetest, most whipped up drink in the world, but if you would rather play it cool, stick to the list.

Thank you to all the guys who took part in the polls and conversations in our coffee community. It was eye-opening, and at times hilarious to see everyone argue over the manliest coffee drink at Starbucks.

If you feel I missed a drink or should correct something I wrote, feel free to message me on here or get in contact with us through our Facebook group.

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