When Is the Best Time for A Cup of Coffee?

Morning Coffee Mug

Have you ever wondered when the best time for a cup of coffee is? You may say in the morning, or when you are looking for a pick me up at lunch, or maybe even after dinner to help digestion.

Considering how many people drink coffee daily, it’s important to remember the best time for a cup of Joe will vary due to personal preferences.

Coffee impacts productivity, hormones, and sleeping patterns. I want to share some insights on when the best time to drink coffee is.

Is Morning the Best Time for A Cup of Coffee

“I haven’t even had my coffee yet”. Such a familiar phrase in America. In fact, drinking a cup of hot coffee right after getting out of bed has become somewhat of a tradition for nearly 60 million Americans.

We now know that waiting a few hours after getting out of bed before your first cup of Joe is healthier for you.

University researchers suggest that the best time to drink coffee is after 10 a.m. for morning coffee lovers and after 2 p.m. for everyone who needs a ‘pick me up’ after lunch.

Coffee at Night

By now we know it’s better not to start drinking coffee before 10 in the morning but when should your last cup be?

Most would agree, having a coffee in the evening makes it harder to fall asleep, but how long before bed should you stop drinking coffee?

The National Institutes of Health published an article that says caffeine could impact your sleep if it’s consumed even six hours before bedtime.

Restless nights in turn make you more dependent on coffee, but that’s not all. New research at Harvard has uncovered that insufficient sleep can lead to an increased risk of chronic illness.

Don’t Give Up on Coffee

I hope this doesn’t turn you away from coffee. It was not the intention of this post. I merely wanted to share how drinking coffee first thing in the morning and late in the evening could be affecting your health in a negative way.

Don’t go for a cup right out of bed and remember to skip coffee if you’re stressed out. Also, put the cup down if it’s less than six hours before bedtime. I hope these small insights can help you enjoy your coffee without sacrificing sleep.

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